About the Blog (and Me!)

Hello, I’m Gibble!

GibleA Wild Gible Appears!

What’s that, you don’t like Pokemon?

Well I don’t really talk much about pokemon on this blog anyway!

Touhou, Short Stories, Poetry, Music, Essays, Philosophical Ideas, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Football, Video Games in general, Science, Movies, MTG and… I like lots of things! Any of which could easily show up here, but mostly I’ll post Creative Writing, Essays, or talk about Touhou and Music (probably Touhou Music).

That said, I sincerely hope you enjoy this blog.

My favorite rearrange of ZUN’s “Capital City of Flowers in the Sky” by TAMUSIC


8 thoughts on “About the Blog (and Me!)

  1. Hi,
    thanks for liking my post!
    it’s always nice to see fellow touhou fans around, haha 🙂
    keep writing poems, they’re great! I hope to read more of them soon, you have such a beautiful style of writing^^


    • I plan to put up some blog posts pointing out various music I love. Music is inexorably tied into my writing, so I will share lots of cool music in the future :).

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