Coats and Scarves

A little poem that seeped out of me while trying to work on my short story.

Coats and Scarves


Love softly warms feet and fingers,
A red blanket harboring pink airs,
Caring for the refugees always forgotten
by Coats and Scarves.

Hatred storms the rigid shore,
A black tempest reaping the deep blue tears,
Shed for lost beloveds and the futures taken
to make Coats and Scarves.

Despair screams without voice, refracts without color,
Lives without substance to the empathic mind,
Concealed behind smiles and laughter,
Unable to find peer through its flawless disguise.

Despair lives alone in the company of others,
Always cold by a heart still stone,
And so reaches into the closet,
for Coats and Scarves.