The Loneliest Place

My latest poem. I aim to depress (myself).


The Loneliest Place


I seek the loneliest place.
Not the darkness, the shroud of night,
There where I’m safe.
Not the empty room, the voided hall,
There where I’m comfortable.
Not the silent airs, the dead to hear,
Where masters play from my headphone ears.
I seek the loneliest place,
Where light and crowd and noise,
Bustle just a word away,
Just a single greet,
To cease this endless tease.
I seek this loneliest place,
A chair within civilization,
Knowing full well my ethereal presence
Will never be seen by lightly beings.


When I write, I have this sort of repetition style designed to roll words along quickly upon a playful note. I think it seeped into this poem just a bit, and I’m not sure it works.


2 thoughts on “The Loneliest Place

    • Thank you very much 🙂

      I don’t know anything about poetry from a technical stand point, and to an extent I suppose that goes for fiction and other prose forms. In everything I do I always break down the subject, the variables, every answer to every “why?”, but Creative Writing alludes me. I just… sort of wing it, cause I have to, and I don’t understand everything I read or write, but I love finding expression through words because honestly? I couldn’t possibly express myself otherwise.

      I’m a mathematician masquerading as a creative writer, though I hope I can get to a point where I write regularly enough to say that writing is more than an interest.

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